Tuesday Club - Years 5 & 6

Tuesday night is our group for years 5 & 6. On Tuesday evening’s we have a wide variety of activities on offer including arts & crafts, sports and games. This group was launched in October and has been a huge success!

This year so far, we have had a fashion show, football & basketball tournaments, cooked some fantastic dishes, had a Halloween party, a visit from the Tropical Discovery Workshop and completed the mannequin challenge…. phew!

Activities include

  • Art & crafts
  • Cooking & baking
  • Sports & games
  • Karaoke & Just Dance and much more!

Opening times – 6pm – 8pm.

Subs £2 - Tuck Shop available

Coming up on Tuesday nights

No upcoming event!

The Tuesday Club Christmas Party

Last night’s Christmas party was a huge success! Some fantastic efforts were made with Christmas jumpers and hats! The young people thoroughly enjoyed the games, everyone joined in with musical statues and musical chairs. There were some really funky moves going down on the dance floor as well as the classic YMCA and Saturday night! The kitchen was busy with Christmas cookie baking and dec ... Read More

Tropical Discoveries at Canberra

Tonight was a very exciting evening for the Tuesday club. We had a visit from Kris from Tropical Discoveries workshops! Kris brought along his pets, a python, tarantula, stick insects and cockroaches! Kris helped the young people to understand the needs of these animals and how to care for them. The Tuesday club were very brave and overcame their fears to hold the creatures for photo or a selfie! ... Read More