2016 Awards

The 2016 Melksham Young People's Awards are being held on Friday 25th November this year and nominations have now closed.

Nominations have now closed for this year's awards, and as ever a massive thank you to everyone who has nomintated someone, and an even bigger massive well done to all those nominated.

As ever the judging looks to be a really difficult job becasue of the amazing things so many of our young people in the Melksham Community Area have done.

This year we are offering you the opportunity to comealong and share in the fun - you can book your tickets by clicking on the link below.

Photos from the night

We had a great time at the Melksham Young People's Awards this year, especially with the amazing show from the talented Ministry of Science. We've seleted a range of photos from the evening and posted them into an album on our Facebook page. These are shown below. Have you got some good pictures of the night - share them with us on our Facebook page here.   ... Read More

The 2016 Melksham Young Peoples Awards Winners

Everyone who was nominated for an award this year was a winner, but we did pick out some of the nominations that we felt were particularly special. The winner of the Under 11’s Young Achiever Award is…. Ciaran Hanks. Earlier this year, Ciaran struggled to complete just one length of his local pool due to his asthma. Then, just a few months later he made the news for swimming the equi ... Read More

Award Categories

These guidance notes have been put together to help you complete the Melksham Young People’s Awards nomination form. Each award category explains what the judges will be looking for and helps you provide a full explanation of why you wish to nominate a young person or team aged 19 or under for an award. Young Achiever AwardWe are looking for someone who has achieved something special to th ... Read More