Board of Trustees

Young Melksham is run by a Board of Trustees who are responsible for the governance and decision making of the organisation.

The trustees make sure the charity is running well and is doing what it was set up to do. This includes ensuring the charity:

  • has the money it needs
  • spends its money sensibly, on the activities it was raised for
  • follows the law, including preparing reports and accounts to send to the Charity Commission
  • doesn’t break the rules in its governing document (its constitution, trust deed or articles)

Trustees play an essential role in the running of the organisation and some are often found helping deliver some of the work of the charity. Others play an important role in helping with the administration and business management. All are valued.

All of our trustees are volunteers and receive no benefits, expenses or salary for their time.

Jack Oatley

Jack is an apprentice youth worker (based in Devizes) and resident of Melksham. In addition to his paid job, Jack is an active volunteer at the Forest Community Centre and sits on the Melksham Local Youth Network board of management.

Jack has always been keen to get involved in events, organisations and groups that support and provide young people with positive activities in the Melksham area. As a trustee of Young Melksham, he hopes to play a successful part in making the Melksham community area a better place for young people, by providing more activities and opportunities.

Jack is the youngest trustee on the board which, he says gives him a distinct advantage when advocating for the young people in the Melksham Community Area. Jack is looking forward to what the future holds for young people and playing an active part in the growth of Young Melksham.

Ray Coe

Ray is community focussed and has been an active volunteer in the local community for many years. In addition to his trustee role at Young Melksham, he is a volunteer at Wiltshire Mind and, until recently, was a commanding officer for 9 years at the Air Cadets. He is able to bring to his trustee role a wealth of funding experience and knowledge together with years of experience working with young people. Ray’s enthusiasm and whole community commitment will enhance the current and future work of the organisation.

Teresa Strange

Teresa takes a keen interest in the community and, since having children of her own, she has taken on roles to ensure that all children have the same ability to access the services and activities on offer in Melksham (with no barriers).

Teresa has had many roles, previously as a parent representative at Queensway play group and a member of the Broughton Road pre-school committee. She is currently a governor at Aloeric primary school, an active member of the local Scouting and Guiding groups and has recently joined the newly formed Local Youth Network (LYN).

Teresa’s day job is Clerk to Melksham Without Parish Council; as a qualified Council Clerk, she is constantly interacting with a number of organisations, groups and individuals.

As governor, Teresa has developed a good understanding of the differing needs of children and young people; as trustee she will bring a wealth of business and practical knowledge which will help the organisation to develop and strategically plan for the future.

Dawn Rossi

Dawn is an active volunteer within the community and has spent 7 years involved with Atworth Youth Club until 2014. She has been a Duke of Edinburgh Award leader & assessor since 2008 and says that the commitment and dedication of the young people is inspirational.

Dawn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with children and young people through her volunteering activities. Dawn became interested in volunteering with young people as a result of her daughter who is now 18. She is a firm believer that young people must be involved and participate in decision making about current and future opportunities and activities within the area.

As trustee, Dawn brings energy, drive, commitment and new ideas to the Young Melksham board; a heady cocktail of skills to support the work of the organisation and future development.

Jon Hubbard

Jon has been involved in delivering youth work since he was an assistent youth leader at a church youth club in Bath when he was 17. Now resident in Melksham Jon is a Melksham Town and Wiltshire Councillor and, until recently, chaired the Melksham Area Board.

Jon was one of the founding trustees that set up Young Melksham (then Melksham Extended Services) and is passionate about ensuring that every child and young person has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

A qualified teacher, Jon also chairs the Children's Select Committee and Safeguarding and Looked After Children Task Group at Wiltshire Council. He also works as an IT consultant in his spare time!

Jon currently chairs the Board of Trustees of Young Melksham as well as playing an active role in the delivery of many of the organisation's services. He can be regularly seen out on Litter Picks with young people who are earning Time Credits or helping at the regular Youth Clubs run by Young Melksham.